Fractal Lucidity Oracle Deck




The highly anticipated expansion pack to the Fractal Awakening Oracle deck and book!

Enjoy the perfect addition to your Fractal Awakening set with the Reiki-infused healing and loving energy of Fractal Lucidity Intuition Oracle Cards. Use as a standalone or mix Fractal Lucidity cards with the Fractal Awakening deck to expand your intuitive growth tool. These easy-to-interpret cards create impressive and striking spreads. Intuitively channeled Fractal Energy Art images adorn each card, radiating unparalleled vibrations and meaning for beginner and expert practitioner alike.

Fractals are an age-old tool assisting our path to deeper self-understanding, spiritual guidance, intuition growth, and insight.55-card deck + mini-guidebook + drawstring storage pouch.

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  1. Businessjbw

    way. Handwritten book

  2. Rubberyzn

    monuments related to deep

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