Have you ever wondered what your personal soul energy looks like as a fractal? 

You may already know fractals are part of nature (conch shells, lightning strikes, heads of broccoli just to name a teeny tiny few)

But did you know fractals live inside you, within your DNA helix? Fractals are living art. They hold their own potent energy. Energy that Kimberly can read and convert into your own individual and unique work of art!

How does she do this?

She takes your full name at birth, with your married surname added in if applicable, or any special nickname you go by, and connects to your personal energy via Reiki, prayer and spirit guidance. With the information she downloads from your energy and the universe, she intuitively creates YOUR unique Spirit Fractal – an aspect of the essence of your unique fractal energy, at this precise moment in time, captured for all time.

These are very special, limited pieces she only offers to the public once or twice a year. They take roughly 6-9 weeks to complete. Every day that she works on your Spirit Fractal, she will be connecting to the heart of your soul’s energy. Because of the intensity of the individual connections, Kimberly only works on one Spirit Fractal at a time, finishing one in full before beginning another. There is never a mixing of energy. Each client gets individualized attention. 

When your image is complete, it’s shipped to your door, ready to hang on your wall, straight out of the box! 

Here’s what your Spirit Fractal package entails:

  • Your own unique, energy signature Spirit Fractal created for you, and printed on metal. Size will be roughly 16×20. As Kimberly works with your art, the image gets enlarged, cropped and re shaped as she goes. Your personal signature piece may result in an image that’s perfectly square, or long and skinny, or anything in between. She won’t know how it will turn out until it is finished, either. But your longest side will be right around twenty inches.
  • A write up sent to your email with what Kimberly sees intuitively in your image. If you are familiar with her Fractalicious card/book products, it works like that. If you want to know more, shoot her an email and ask.
  • The fractal is names after YOU. When it’s posted to her gallery, you get bragging rights. You know, like the Elton John song lyric “And you can tell everybody, this is your song.” Well, you can tell everybody YOU are THE original muse for YOUR image.
  • The package cost includes creation, printing and shipping. Kimberly will take care of it all for you, just make sure to email her your mailing address.

If you want to be the ONLY person who has purchasing access to your Spirit Fractal, there are pricing options for this also (see below)


Spirit Fractal Package: $1,500.00

Original Ownership + Spirit Fractal package: $5,000.00

Original ownership means your Spirit Fractal will not be sold to anyone but you. It will be showcased online only as advertisement. Never for sale to the general public.


Scheduling comes on a first booked, first served basis.

Please know it takes up to 6-9 weeks for creation of your Spirit Fractal, and roughly 1-3 weeks for printing and shipping.

Booking means you agree with my terms of service, here:

Online Booking

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