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Have you ever heard that little voice in the back of your head? You know the one. That soft yes or no when you question taking the next step or not. Have you ever ignored it only to end up saying, “I knew I should have done that!” five minutes later? That whisper, or voice, or whatever you want to call it is known as intuition. Everyone possesses it—the angel and devil on your shoulders—yet many find that inner voice unreliable, and too many misses lead to mistrust. Intuition is also individualized, which makes it difficult to decipher because everyone receives and interprets their messages in a unique way. In other words, what works for your friend may not work for you. However, maintaining a strong, reliable intuition is the key to unlocking life’s happiness. What if there was a tool designed to help build, strengthen, and grow your intuition, like a muscle? Even better, what if that workout came without all the sweat and gym fees? What if that intuitive musculature could be turned into a monumental skill set, which then led to a stronger sense of self and a richer, more fulfilled life by tuning in to everything we have been conditioned to ignore? Fractal Awakening takes you on a journey of intuitive self-discovery by learning how to hear, interpret, and respond to your intuitive messages on a regular, daily basis. Using Fractalicious® sacred geometry energy art cards, this card/book combo reveals how to tap into the inner fractal at your core, teaches simple exercises and repeatable challenges for every stage of intuitive evolution, and provides answers for those searching for peace and guidance by looking within. Fractal Awakening opens the door to a new way of thinking and leads to a new way of life.

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  1. Genevive Lavoie

    This carefully and incredibly created book and card set will bring you insights and deepen your ability to hear your intuition. The colors, the fractal shapes and patterns are truly brilliant as i was able to sense accurately the meaning of the cards. It also provided me with cues as to where my thoughts were needing examination. The companion book is so easy to read. Her interpretations provided plenty of latitude for individual meaning and interpretation. This deck is for you if you are developing visual snd intuitive Skills. I have many different types of oracle and intuitive decks, this one is truly beautiful and able to be used by anyone who wishes to explore their inner wisdom. Its for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.

  2. Kimberly Rae Hansen

    **STAFF FAVORITE** As the author of Fractal Awakening, I, of course, have read the book hundreds of times and have been actively using the Fractal Awakening cards for daily intuitive guidance for years. The cards went through a deep beta testing process, to ensure that they worked well across the board for people at all levels of intuitive skill — novice to expert and everything in between. Fractal art, in and of itself, is quite spiritual in nature. Fractals make up our world. From conch shells to lightning strikes, broccoli heads, and even us, for they appear in our DNA helix. As such, we see in fractal art just what we are meant to at that moment. They speak to us, at our core. Working with this deck can open the door to a deeper intuitive understanding of oneself. I have grown tremendously since their creation. It is my wish that those in need can do so too. Fractal Awakening is a tool that can truly help.

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