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  1. Kimberly Rae Hansen

    **STAFF FAVORITE** Third deck in the Fractalicious intuition development series.

    As the artist and creator of the Fractalicous® line of intuitive card decks, I believe this next installment is the perfect progression in the tool set.

    Raise your energy while listening to your intuition. The foundational steps developed through use of the first two decks (Fractal Awakening, and Fractal Lucidity), lead the user to a beautiful, new space in Fractal Flow.

    Power words and positive language are scientifically proven to have a solid impact on our world, our perceptions, our sense of self. Use this deck to help increase your energetic vibration. Colorize each card in a way that makes sense, to you, personally. This creates another deck that is truly your own with cards that speak deeply to your soul.

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